How to choose the best mic for your vocal performance


Are you about to buy your first microphone? Or maybe a second or third? Find out which one works best for you in this short video!

We want to help you get an idea of which microphones should be used in different audio environments. But first of all, find out how to use a mic to ensure the best audio output. Many details can help improve the way your voice and singing are being transported to the audience. The correct distance between mouth and mic for example can help increase intelligibility and minimize popping sounds.

But now - Which microphone works best for which application?
There are different lines in the Shure portfolio which each fit different needs and budgets of vocalists. PG Alta microphones, like the PGA58, offer an easy start for beginners. They ensure the natural clarity of vocals and reject unwanted noise.
The SM line, with SM58 as its flagship, is the music industry standard for live performances. These cardioid dynamic mics are the first choice of many vocalists throughout the globe when it comes to performing on stage.
The very robust and precise Beta line is very versatile. No matter if used in the studio or at a live performance, Beta microphones are the right choice for professional vocalists who work in demanding environments.
The audio output generated by the KSM line meets the highest expectations when it comes to smoothness and precision. This high-level quality standard makes KSM microphones the ideal equipment for critical studio performances and most demanding live sound reinforcements.
Find out more by watching the video!