Wireless Workbench 6

Shure Wireless Workbench 6: Comprehensive event management and control software

Enhanced Graphic User Interface

A rich interface is provided to manage every facet of a performance over the network, from preshow planning to live performance monitoring.

Advanced RF Spectrum Plotting

Before the show, saved scan files can be utilized to provide details about the RF environment from off-site, and also includes a database of TV channels based on a location to help with the planning process. When connected to the Axient Spectrum Manager, PSM1000 or UHF-R, Wireless Workbench performs live RF scans and analysis, with detailed graphic overlays and device markers on a high-resolution frequency plot.

Comprehensive Frequency Coordination

Scan data, the TV channel database, and advanced compatibility algorithms can be used to create and assign a list of clean, viable frequencies for any number of channels in a system, plus backup frequency management.

Live Performance Monitoring

During the show, live remote adjustments are doable on connected hardware for instant changes to the frequency, the gain, RF output power, and more. Customize controls in a familiar channel strip interface to show audio and RF meters, battery life, and volume control for each channel of a wireless system. Configurable user alerts provide quick response options through the software to solve interference issues when detected, or for battery life and RF signal strength conditions.

Compatibility with New Wireless Systems

The new Wireless Workbench 6 will be compatible with the network functionality of new wireless systems of Shure like Axient and ULX-D as well as with all other networkable Shure systems like PSM1000 and UHF-R.

Inventory Management

Presets enable users to save sets of parameters to a file and quickly apply them to one or more selected devices.

Frequency Coordination

Scan peaks can be managed and classified with greater flexibility and extended equipment profiles.

Intermod spacings can be ignored for groups of frequencies during frequency coordination.

Coordination order customization can be performed ad-hoc in the Coordination Workspace.

Live Monitoring

Timeline is a new logging utility designed to capture important channel status information over time, such as RF level, audio level, interference detection, ShowLink® Signal Strength, and more. This feature records data for extended durations with efficient file storage, enabling users to accurately archive and review the performance of their wireless systems.

Enterprise Networking

Remote Device Connection enables users to connect Wireless Workbench to devices across subnets.

Access Control enables devices to be protected from unauthorized changes via Shure software.



Wireless Workbench 6 for Windows Download
Wireless Workbench 6 for Mac OS X Download
Wireless Workbench 6 Quickstart Guide (PDF) Download


Please make sure that your equipment has at least been updated to the following firmware version:


  • Axient components: 1.14.6
  • UR4 UHF-R receiver: 1.171
  • ULXD4 ULXD Receiver: 1.4.14
  • P10T PSM1000 Transmitter: 1.3.9


Shure Wireless Workbench 6: Comprehensive event management and control software

Wireless Workbench 6 Forum

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